Solar Energy Solutions for Ratan Housing and Development

What were they looking for?

Ratan Housing and Development came to us looking for an easy-to-install, cost-effective and minimal-maintenance solar energy system that would be effective throughout the year.

How did we help?

We immediately identified an opportunity for developing a solar energy solution, based on the fact that India has around 300 sunny days in a year, generating around 4-7 kilowatts of energy per square meter on any given day. Hence, solar energy would be an effective energy source throughout the year. Moreover, it also checks all the other boxes: it’s easy to install, relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require much maintenance, compared to other energy sources.

What was our process?

Our installation process was efficient and hassle-free. Below are the main features of this process:

• In-depth analysis of soil, design customisation and flattening.

• Detailed assessment of land prior to acquisition.

• Efficient communication between the design and procurement team, along with the construction team and the client, ensured that the budget and deadlines are respected.

How did it benefit Ratan Housing?

• Reduced electricity costs.

• Received certificate for renewable energy.

• Income tax exemption under 80IA.

• High return on investment with a payback period of 3-3.5 years

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Alternative energy can be effective in almost any industry, provided you have the right environmental conditions.

We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun. You don’t have to do anything. It just works. It shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power.

Elon Musk
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Seems interesting?

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