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With natural resources being finite and getting exhausted at such an alarming rate, green energy is clearly the future. Thus, we work with various diverse organisations to implement alternative energy solutions and make them future proof.

Take a look at our offering:

A. Solar power generation system

The solar systems use lenses and mirrors, and trackers to focus a vast amount of sunlight area into a small area of it.

On-grid system: This is directly connected to the utility grid. It converts the electricity produced by the solar panel into usable electricity which can be directly used by homes and industries. 

Off-grid system: This system uses batteries to store solar energy. You can either have a single grid or create multiple mini-grids to supply electricity.

Hybrid system: This system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar systems, and it stores electricity which can be used later. 

B. Solar water pumping system

We install advanced solar-powered water pumping system. There are two main components of this system are solar panels and a water pumping system. 

• The panels convert sunlight into electricity which is used by the motor in the pumping system. The motor draws water from the source (such as the borewell) and releases it.

• This system is ideal for delivering water to livestock and irrigating lands.

C. Solar water heating system

Our innovative solar water heating systems allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and take a step towards more sustainable living. 

• Our systems come with 7-10 years warranty and low-maintenance.

• We develop both active (or pumped) as well as passive (or convection-driven) solutions.

• Our heating systems are suitable for both commercial as well as industrial applications.

D. Solar street lights

We integrate solar panels with traditional street lights to create a cleaner, more efficient, cost-effective and more stylish alternative. Here’s how it works:

• The panels are either mounted on top of the pole or incorporated into it.

• They absorb sunlight during the day and store them in batteries, which are compact and rechargeable.

• This energy is then converted into electricity that powers the street lights.

E. Wind energy solutions

We build and install wind turbines for you at strategic locations, allowing you to harness the actual power of the wind and turn it into energy.

• The blowing wind causes the turbine’s blades to spin, thereby capturing the energy of the wind.

• This in turn causes the main shaft of the wind turbine, connected to a gearbox, to spin.

• The gearbox sends this energy to the generator, converting it to electricity.

• The produced clean electricity then travels to a transformer, where voltage levels are adjusted to match with the grid.

Our team at ECOTEQ specialises in maximising the electricity produced.

F. Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicles, or EVs for short, use electric or traction motors instead of the polluting energy sources such as petrol and diesel used by traditional automobiles. There are two main types of systems that our EVs use:

• A collector system in which solar energy is absorbed from off-vehicle sources.

• A self-contained system that contains a battery, solar panels, fuel cells or an electric generator to convert solar energy to electricity.

G Electric Chargins Stations

With the rising number of EVs, electric charging stations will replace traditional petrol pumps. It makes huge financial sense to have the charging stations at your workplace or in a strategic commercial location. We setup these stations for you from ground up.

•  These work pretty much like standard electric appliances. A plug goes into the charging port on the vehicle, with the other end hooks up to an electrical outlet.

•  The type of chargers used determines the speed of the charging.

• Smart charging technology can be implemented by us which allows for vehicle identification before authorising the charging event.

• Electric charging stations are powered by the grid and can be configured to allow recharging when the price is the lowest.

H. Biofuels

One way of drastically reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills from your company is to convert it into biofuel. This is a renewable energy source derived from the breakdown of organic matter such as agricultural and food waste.

Additionally, you can also cut down on your electricity costs. This fuel has wide-ranging use cases, from electricity generation to waste management.

I. Waste-To-Energy

WtE involves the generation of electricity and heat by primary treatment of waste. WtE processes generate energy primarily through these two types of technologies:

• Thermal technologies: Including incineration (combustion of waste), gasification, thermal depolymerization and  pyrolysis.

• Non-thermal technologies: Including anaerobic digestion, fermentation and mechanical biological treatment (MBT).

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Alternative energy can be effective in almost any industry, provided you have the right environmental conditions.

We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun. You don’t have to do anything. It just works. It shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power.

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